Saturday, December 21, 2019

has Trump been impeached or not?

Tim Pool goes over the current confusion on whether Donald Trump has actually been impeached. The story so far is that the House has drawn up articles of impeachment against Trump, and there's been a vote to impeach. The problem—the sticking point that's currently causing confusion—is that Nancy Pelosi, current head of the House, hasn't yet officially conveyed the articles to her counterpart Mitch McConnell, who heads up the Senate. The Senate is the body responsible for carrying out the actual trial; the House merely proffers the accusation, and that's all an impeachment is: an accusation of wrongdoing. Impeachment is not proof of guilt, and it's not removal from office. But are we even at the stage where we can definitively say that Trump has been impeached?

There's a lot of alt-media speculation as to what Pelosi's game is. Styx angrily points out that Pelosi is trying to control and manipulate the Senate by demanding a formal guarantee of so-called fairness and objectivity in the upcoming trial. This demand is laughably hypocritical, given how Pelosi and the House Democrats have conducted informal impeachment hearings that, thanks to their informality, have not allowed GOPers to present counter-evidence and counterarguments—hence the GOP's demand to make those hearings formal. Like it or not, the moment everything passes to the Senate side, the proceedings will be formal, and we'll be sure to hear all the evidence and arguments that the Democrats have thus far tried to prevent from seeing the light of day.

So why is Pelosi delaying when her fellow Dems are baying for the impeachment to proceed full steam ahead? Some in the alt-media speculate that Pelosi—and this is ironic—may actually be one of the saner heads in the House. According to this argument, Pelosi—who has been trying to fend off the id that is the far-left wing of her party—is fully aware that the Dems are driving nails into their own coffin by pushing so hard for and focusing so relentlessly on impeachment. The 2020 election is already lost, and desperate Dems in Congress are going for a Hail Mary—anything to besmirch Trump and, it's hoped, diminish his chances for an electoral victory. Pelosi, too, wants her party to have a victory, but she knows that going through with Trump's impeachment (and polls show Trump's approval has actually ticked up a couple points in recent weeks) will only seal the Democrats' fate as they continue to alienate moderate voters disgusted by the Dems' obsession. One or two Dems are already defecting from the process; Tulsi Gabbard voted "present" when the impeachment vote happened; Andrew Yang has openly said that impeachment is a losing strategy for the Democrats; Representative Jeff Van Drew, a Democrat, has said he's planning to become a Republican as a way of protesting his current party's mad rush to impeach Trump. There are cracks in the Dem field as dimwitted Congressmen begin to realize the implications of their concerted action—implications that have long been discussed and explored by the alt-media (which, if you're not consuming it yet, you really ought to consume... get off your diet of lies!).

Styx says Pelosi basically made her bed and now has to sleep in it. I think the Dems are going to go through with the impeachment because they've already come too far, and it's impossible to stop this train now. The compulsion driving the inevitability of this situation (fueled largely by the wild-eyed far left represented by The Squad, et al.) would almost be sad if it weren't so comical. The alt crowd saw all this coming from a mile away, but the Dems are in the thrall of their own scotosis, and there's no removing the scales from their eyes. The consequence of all this blindness is that the GOP will retake the House in 2020, hopefully ejecting most of the far-left scum currently holding seats, and it will probably keep or even strengthen its hold on the Senate. That Trump will be reelected is a foregone conclusion. I've heard there's a good chance the Dems might try again with impeachment at a later date, but that's only going to happen if the Dems still dominate the House after the 2020 elections. Fat chance.

ADDENDUM: if you're the impatient type, watch the cued-up video below. I've set the marker to start the video at 15:17, which is when Pool directly addresses the question of why Nancy Pelosi is holding back:


John Mac said...

Thanks for this, Kevin. I do appreciate your efforts to publicize and share the voices of the alt-media. And in fact, you have become one of those voices yourself. I take my news these days with my morning coffee, and Hairy Chasms is one of my first stops.

I'm often reminded of my pre-internet ignorance. I did my hour-long commute on the VRE and got my news directly from the Washington Post. And then 9/11 happened and I discovered Instapundit and his links to other news sources and viewpoints. What stood out from the very beginning was the bias in the Post was as much in what they chose NOT to report, as it was in what they did.

Of course, over the years the MSM has become little more than "Democrat operatives with bylines", and their blatant pandering is obvious. Each of us has a responsibility to search out the facts, consider their implications, and reach our own conclusions and judgments. I often find myself shaking my head in sadness when I see otherwise intelligent people simply regurgitating the leftist talking points they've been spoonfed on CNN or their local newspaper.

Democracy dies in ignorance.

Kevin Kim said...


The 2016 election was my wake-up call. Media bias became impossible to hide, what with all the Baghdad Bob-ing going on: "Hillary likely to win in a landslide!" This crap continued right up until election day, and then the actual numbers started coming in, and it became obvious the media had been weaving a false narrative the entire time.

Before the November 2016 election, Trump had darkly hinted that he would question the results if the election didn't go his way. The left immediately flared up and shouted that the election's integrity was unimpeachable, that no corruption was possible, and how dare Trump suggest otherwise! Then Trump won, and the liberals did a complete 180, hypocritically raving about Russia, collusion, and all that bullshit. Suddenly, the narrative was that the election had been rife with corruption from the beginning, and Trump the idiot had somehow had the genius to maneuver to a victory.

All of this pushed me to watch alt-media sources much more intensely, and it's been eye-opening ever since. Glad you're on board the reality train as well.