Wednesday, December 11, 2019

UK election predictions

How much of the UK will be motivated to vote for the Brexit Party (I capitalize the "P" in "Party" because "Brexit Party" is the party's official name!)?

Scotland has degenerated into whingeing, codependent bitchiness, so we can't count on the Scots to fight for independence (and that's a massive historical irony, given that nation's fiercely independence-loving past). Northern Ireland also doesn't seem likely to vote pro-Brexit, so I wouldn't count on the Irish to help Nigel Farage out. London and the area surrounding London voted heavily for Remain last time around, and I don't think those cowards' thinking has changed at all over the past couple of years. That leaves the rest of the UK, and I have high hopes that voters will turn out in droves and propel the Brexit party to a position of real influence.

But we'll see. The election is tomorrow, December 12. I don't pray at all these days, but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that the good old UK will find itself again, wake from its current slumber, and recover its dignity.

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