Thursday, December 05, 2019

Sad Turd Day walk

My Korean buddy JW has been wanting to do another long walk, so I proposed, a few weeks back, that we do either the Tan Creek walk or the Seoul-Hanam walk. JW chose the latter; I don't think he's as interested in quiet creeks as he is in walking along rivers. Can't say I blame him; Korea's riverlands are something to behold. I wonder whether I can persuade JW to walk with me all the way to Yangpyeong. We could either start in Hanam or try to do the whole 60K stretch from Seoul, with a possible overnight stop in Hanam.

Anyway, JW and I are meeting at 9 p.m. this Saturday to do a 23K walk from his place to Hanam City Hall. We'll either eat lunch in town or take a bus back to Seoul, then eat lunch once we're back. The Hanam bus terminal isn't far from City Hall. This ought to be fun; the weather has been getting steadily colder. Winter has come.

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