Saturday, December 21, 2019

JK Rowling's "cancellation" shows how the left eats itself

JK Rowling, reliably leftist, tweeted in support of a woman who got fired for asserting the obvious: that a trans "female" is still chromosomally male. For her support, Rowling has been dogpiled by the rabid, science-denying leftist outrage mob. Here's Paul Joseph Watson:

The right does indeed have its share of troglodytic science-deniers and antimodernists—people who use the Bible to claim the earth is 6000 years old, or that gay marriage is some sort of crime. But the left has no moral leg to stand on when it comes to science-denial: the trans movement is evidence of that, as are the idiots who refuse to discuss the possibility that IQ is unevenly distributed among the races. (Ashkenazi Jews tend to come out on top in most IQ studies. Does it offend me to realize I'm not part of that elite demographic? Not one bit. Why? Because my IQ doesn't define me. The people who get upset by such things are congenitally insecure.) We should also add the morons who very unscientifically agree with AOC that the earth is doomed and will somehow "end" in under twelve years.

Anyway, as PJW says, Rowling—a hypocrite when it comes to immigration—isn't deserving of any sympathy. Let her get eaten by her fellow liberal scavengers.


John Mac said...

Have you checked your privilege lately? I'm not even sure if you identify as white, but then again, being Asian is worse than being white. At least according to the loony leftists. Ha! You represent the WORST of both worlds. How dare you have an opinion!

Kevin Kim said...

Oh, noes!