Wednesday, December 11, 2019

terlit woes redux

Last night, I saw that my toilet had started leaking again. Goddammit.

Here's the thing: when I got back from my big walk, I waited a bit before repairing the toilet. I wanted to see whether the lazy repairman had actually gotten so far as to stop the leaking. It seemed that he had: for several days, there was no leak, so I decided not to reinvent the wheel and do a full repair, instead electing to buy sealant and to close off all the cracked-open areas around the toilet's bottom that the repairman had neglected to seal. Apparently, based on what I saw last night, the repairman had done a shitty job of repairing the toilet, so I guess I'm going to be spending the coming weekend in the warehouse district, looking for toilet-repair equipment. In theory, I could ask my HR department to contact building maintenance and have a guy come up to do the repair, but I suspect it'll be the same shitty job as last time. If you want things done right, as they say, you have to do them yourself. Besides: it'll be educational. In a bizarre way, I kind of look forward to the coming challenge.

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