Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Colion Noir, en fuego

As a Virginian who has watched his state get slowly swallowed up by the Borg collective over the decades, I feel particularly shamed and chastened by Colion Noir who, in the excellent video below, rants about how Virginia is now, sadly, a bellwether for what can happen in other seemingly (and formerly) conservative-leaning states.

Note Noir's point, repeated everywhere in the rightie blogosphere, that lefties abandon their leftie states after those states have been ruined, but the escapees bring their voting habits with them, settle into rightie states, then turn those states into shit, too, by voting in all the policies that caused them to flee bastions of leftism in the first place. Same goes for people who flee oppressive countries: as Noir observes, those people also tend to vote for oppressive policies once they reach our shores. And our interest in hosting such people is what, exactly?

Seems to be little point in moving back to Virginia now. Wyoming, here I come!

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