Friday, December 27, 2019

don't watch if you're planning to see "Rise of Skywalker"

One thing I did on Christmas was treat myself to as many spoilery videos about "Star Wars, Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker" as I could find. I had already heard from many sources that the movie was a lame lost cause, so I thought to myself, "Fuck it. I might see the movie still, but I may as well spoil it all for myself." So at this point, I now know every important point there is to know about the film. I won't spoil any of it in this post, to be sure, but if you're OK with hearing spoilers or you've already seen the movie (it gets released in early January here in Korea), then feel free to watch the spoiler-laden video below. It's done up in the style of those Hitler videos in which Hitler is ranting in German, but the subtitles have nothing to do with what he's saying. In the video below, the language is Spanish, and the subtitles make it seem as if the guy with the infectious laughter is ridiculing the climax of "Rise of Skywalker." I couldn't help but laugh along with the video, and I give full props to whoever wrote the subtitles for having given the movie a proper skewering. Enjoy.

Best comment below the video:
"I guess Force lighting is like diarrhea: once it starts, it won’t stop."

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