Friday, December 27, 2019

surprise, surprise

I predicted that a toenail would fall off around Christmas, and one just did today—but not the one I'd expected to lose. It was an innocent-looking, healthy-looking toenail on my left foot—the one between the middle toe and pinky toe—that decided to give up the ghost. Meanwhile, my left middle toe, with its disgustingly black toenail, continues to hang tough even though, by all rights, that nail ought to have been the one to make the leap first. Go figure.

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Kevin Kim said...

John, I assume you meant to leave your comment under this post.

Yeah, I lose toenails on these super-long walks, probably because the toes bump into the fronts of my shoes tens of thousands of times per day, possibly causing blockages in circulation. Sucks, but I can't think of another explanation.