Sunday, August 07, 2022

theory about the end of "Better Call Saul"

This video speculates that "Better Call Saul" will end with Saul's suicide:

Below the vid, a lot of commenters are rejecting this aspect of the videomaker's theorycrafting. Saul might get caught in a scam; he might even get killed, but there's no way a guy whose one golden value—and signal talent—is to survive would ever think of offing himself. I would have to agree. Again, thinking back to my father: no one that happy-go-lucky would even consider the thought of ridding the world of his presence. No amount of tragedy, no amount of extremity can keep a stupid—and stupidly optimistic—person down.

I'd be extremely surprised if the showrunners went that route. A suicide is conceivable, but not plausible because it'd be out of character. "Better Call Saul" is partly a comedy, and for it to end on such a dark note is very hard to make funny. The movie "M*A*S*H" might sing that "suicide is painless," but it never claimed suicide was hilarious. Maybe we could have an apparent suicide or something—some situation where Saul appears to die but eventually stumbles out unharmed (like how the series "House" ended). Of course, as I remarked in my previous entry, if he survives, it will only be to scam again because that's his nature, and unlike most human beings who grow and evolve, he cannot transcend his nature.

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