Saturday, May 18, 2024


I did end up making it to the office tonight, where I worked for a few hours and made up some of my hospital time. Salsa will be a Sunday project: my building's grocery will be open, so I'll have no trouble shopping for salsa ingredients.

Also on the agenda for cooking projects:

  • Oreo "chaffles"
  • keto white bread
  • keto hot-dog buns
  • keto hamburger buns
  • keto tortillas
  • keto "apple" pie (æpəl?) with jicama

Most of this is to bring in on Monday for my boss and coworker to sample. My Korean coworker is as thin as a rail, but his doc told him his blood sugar is a little high, so he needs to cut back on carbs a bit (as do we all). High blood sugar strikes everyone, and my coworker has shown an interest in various keto breads.

I've made keto tortillas (or flatbreads: I've used them for both tacos and gyros) many times before, but this time, now that I have some corn extract, I'm going to add that in and see whether I can make something like a "corn" (or qorn, I guess) tortilla.

Also on tap as part of the usual Sunday agenda: laundry. Yay.

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