Saturday, September 20, 2003

freshly blogrolled

Well, after complaining about how few female bloggers there seem to be in the blogosphere, I'm pleased to report that Annika's blog turns out to be quite a corrective. If you've never visited her blog before, give it a gander. She's got an MA in History and is a conservative Republican-- two qualties I know the Maximum Leader will appreciate. She also claims to have ugly fingers, ticklish knees, and nice-looking toes. Her posts run the gamut from the topical to the personal; it seems there's nothing she can't handle.

The Maximum Leader will also be pleased to note this:

i would have bought the book [poetry] that day, but i'm busy slogging through 900+ pages of the Churchill biography.

Along with being a close friend of mine, the ML is a huge fan of Churchill, A. It's almost a shame he's already married; I'd introduce you. Then again, if the ML's domestic circumstances were any different, I wouldn't have the beautiful goddaughter I have (kisses, Rachael, and hugs to the other ladies!). She's in first grade, you see.

Annika also has a poetry site here.

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