Wednesday, September 24, 2003

some blog notes

The Maximum Leader gives us his storm update and political meditations.

The Marmot informs all you Republicans out there about a new Koreablog representing the South Korean chapter of Republicans Abroad. I have no party affiliation, being a political cynic, but might nose around a bit just to see what it's like.

Over at Free North Korea!, an article about how Western food aid is now unwelcome. Uh-huh.

The Eye at Seeing Eye Blog gives that old fart Jimmy Carter the beating of his life. Yes, I agree Carter's 1994 trip was both a mistake and a failure.

Check out Oranckay on the issue of violence against South Korean citizens-- by KOREAN military folks!

The Infidel pulls some choice quotes about Islam from The Economist. Highly recommended reading.

Stavros the WonderChicken talks about an experience that left him with a brown spot in his boxers.

The Peking Duck has a post titled "Bashing Wes Clark Goes Into Overdrive." He may have a point. Reaction has been swift, which is itself cause to ponder. But I don't think Clark is going to prove to be more than a flavor of the month. If I'm wrong, I'll tongue-kiss Britney Spears.

A very interesting post on BrainySmurf about Taiwan's "de-sinicization."

Where do Chinese Triads go when they need to get away from it all? Flying Chair has the answer. THEN HE BEAT YOU DEATH LIKE CHICKEN!

Must-read at Winds of Change: Is Scandinavia turning away from socialism?

The Marmot and the Hominid get blogrolled by Anticipatory Retaliation!

Satan's Anus links to this article titled "The UN Party vs. the US Party?"

Andrew Sullivan on "winning slowly" in Iraq-- the question of strong negative bias in news coverage. He also goes after Clark here.

Den Beste cracks on France. Not without justification. I, however, think it's going too far to label France "the enemy." We need to back away from this rhetoric and stick to calling them assholes, because that, to my mind, is a better descriptor.

Two good ones from Merde in France: (1) Muslim-caused human rights issues inside the Hexagon, and (2) Chirac's wacky denial that there's an antisemitism problem in France.

Annika also paddles Clark.

ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION: I've decided on what my three stamps will say. As you recall, they are the du-in (header stamp, upper right corner of the page), the myeong (artist's name), and the ho (artist's nom de plume).

du-in: Dae Weon In, or "Big Hominid." Dae means "big"; weon means "beginning" or "original" or "proto"; in means "person."

myeong: Kim Dae Gye (Great Precepts Kim)

ho: Chua Su Bul (Left-handed Buddha)

Unless Mr. Seon objects to what I've selected, these will be my stamps.

OK... that's all for the evening.

Snax Chrispi.

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