Sunday, September 14, 2003

Happy Birthday!!

On September 10th, my goddaughter Rachael (one of the Maximum Leader's Villainettes) turned six. She's in the first grade, and from what I hear, she's lovin' life. Always a good thing.

On September 12th, my friend-since-8th-grade Stephen doCarmo (who seems to have acquired the nickname "doak") turned 34 and is our most recent inductee to the I Outlived Jesus Club.

Today, September 14th, is my little brother David's 27th birthday. Here's what he looks like, ladies. He's the half-Korean on the left of that pic. Korean women found him mesmerizing the last time he visited Seoul. I was teaching at a language institute at the time, and David visited one of my more female-heavy classes. The estrogen cloud that usually billowed vaguely around me (I'm considered "cute" despite the plumpitude, you see) coalesced into this gigantic gaseous nipple that spent the entire hour stroking David. Seriously, the women couldn't keep their eyes off him.

Happy Birthday to you all! Joyeux anniversaire, et tout de bon!

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