Thursday, September 04, 2003

Hominid vs. Infidel

My second guest blog on the Big H's site. I was prompted to write this by the sharp exchange between the Big Hominid and the Infidel. I have only one small quibble about something the Infidel wrote. He mentioned that North Korea has to choose between nukes and artillery... Actually they don't. They have already bought and paid for the artillery and the shells. That stuff sits around for decades and is still good.

On the other hand (to use an ancient style of equivocation), the Infidel makes a good point on the whole North Korean army starving. The only way North Korea "wins" anything is if they start shooting. I think if you look at it objectively, one can expect that if shooting begins all of the major civilian casualties will occur (in the South at least) in the first 1-4 days. I don't think the starving NKs can put up a steady resistance for much longer. But once shooting starts, no telling how messy it would get.

That is my $.02 for what it is worth. (Or since we are speaking about Korea, should it be my 25 Won? I presume my reading of exchange rates is accurate.)

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