Thursday, September 18, 2003

ultimate bliss achieved

After I posted about my success with crepes (after repeated failures at oven-less apple pie crust), I did indeed go out and buy some ice cream. The results were perfect. You know, Princess, sometimes I amaze even myself.

And... you know what else?

I'm glad I didn't have to share anything with you. Damn glad. That was so good, I had seconds. I've got some more apple pie filling, waiting in the fridge. I still have ice cream. So guess what my midnight snack's gonna be tonight. That's right.

And you won't get any, because life isn't like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. In the real world, big, vicious, bloated predators like yours truly will always hoard their culinary treasures, keeping them far from the tiny, grasping appendages of skinny-ass, weak, pathetic little wusses like you. Know this and be content with your lot.

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