Saturday, September 20, 2003

gorgeous day

It's a nice day out. The birds are singing, faeries are flying through the air and humping in full view, weird harp music is emanating from the skies, dogs are giving birth to fanged three-horned goats with glowing red eyes, truck and car exhaust is morphing into flower petals, my nipple hairs are waving madly like kelp in the breakers, and my balls have finally returned to normal size after that Hello Kitty trauma.

I'm waiting for a buddy and his wife to swing by and pick me up, then we're off to see "Bulletproof Monk," which finally came out in Korea. US films don't always take this long; much depends on the studio's distribution arrangements (and, at a guess, the Korean market). "The Matrix Reloaded" came out in Korea only a week after it appeared in the US, suggesting that Warner Bros. wanted a near-simultaneous release in many countries.

Will write a review of "Monk" later in the evening.

STORM UPDATE: Power is still out for my parents in Alexandria, VA. My apartment (actually, it's now my brother's pad since we changed names on the contract) still has power, however. The Maximum Leader sounds like he's OK; he and his family are with in-laws right now, and while his house didn't suffer any damage, the ML's impressive van might have been a casualty of misbehaving vegetation. We'll soon know, and I'm sure the ML will provide updates on his blog if/when power is restored. Down in Fredericksburg, VA, the storm was "worse than anticipated." Still no word from the Air Marshal and the Minister of Agriculture, but if power is down all over the place, this only makes sense. Hope everyone's OK.

And now-- off for a dose of monastic violence.

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