Monday, September 15, 2003

NK's watery bowels and other things

From Australia's Courier-Mail:

An Australian-led naval exercise in the Coral Sea, the first demonstration of an international dragnet intended to stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, has inflamed the North Korean nuclear crisis.

North Korea described as "a military provocation" the weekend exercise of the US-led Proliferation Security Initiative, despite attempts by John Howard to downplay the Pacific Protector exercise at a delicate stage in negotiations with the Stalinist state.

So NK is pissed off about maneuvers. Again. But Aussie Foreign Minister Alexander Downer's reply to this had me busting a gut:

"Obviously, North Korea has nothing to fear if it is not involved in trafficking."

I love this.

A little more background on this at VOA News.

In other news...

God to striking Korean laborers: "Let me show your weak ass how to wreck industries."

Foreigner-committed crimes are on the rise. Those damn dirty apes.

What does all the above mean? It means I'm off to bed, of course.

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