Monday, September 22, 2003

I belong in Starship Troopers, baby.

[With thanks to Cobb.]

Starship Troopers
You belong in Starship Troopers. Your idea of a
good time is bouncing across an alien
battlefield blasting the foes of humanity into

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Without entirely understanding how, I seem to have PLACED AN IMAGE ON MY BLOG. This is a red-letter day.

Also via Cobb: Mapquest guides you to Mordor!

Drudge links to an article claiming that US forces have been negotating with Saddam for several days. Can this be true?

Everyone else has reported this already, but here ya' go.

My hometown's a disaster area.

ClarkWatch is more fun than ArnoldWatch, since the recall seems in (temporary?) limbo. Annika has the goods on Clark. Andrew Sullivan does, too. While I'm at it, let me compliment Annika on her blog's new look. I'm a big believer in aesthetic minimalism, but when it comes to blogging, I think this is mainly because I'm still HTML-challenged. Annika's obviously more of a pro at HTMLing, which makes her blog's current look more of an actual choice. Kudos.

Then again, I remember Mrs. Rogstad, my troll of a second-grade teacher, forcing me to stand in the corner one day because I couldn't explain why I'd done my drawing (a picture of my family) in pencil instead of in color. Ever since then, I've been a strictly black-and-white cartoonist (buy a copy of Scary Spasms in Hairy Chasms to see examples of my work). Maybe I've been rebelling against Mrs. Rogstad all this time.

I'll be going into the art district of Insa-dong on Monday (hey, it's Monday right NOW!), to talk to that dude at Dol Sarang about the dojang I need to make. I'm expecting this to set me back a couple hundred bucks.

(By the way, my Korean buddy gives cackling approval to my Chinese formulation of the Roman proverb... I'll be giving him a calligraphic hanging for free, though I doubt his parents, should they ever visit his pad, will approve of "In a time of misfortune, a big penis is useless" hanging proudly on his wall.)

Once the dojang are purchased, I'll be doing a ton of calligraphy, big and small. And it will all be on sale. I'm thinking that $45 plus shipping, which is the current rate I've set on PayPal, may be a bit much if I'm not framing the works, large though they be. Your thoughts? More on this as it happens.


He's "Ha-li Bo-te" in China, apparently.

Bill Maher was among the first to speak out against the recall election. Polls seem to indicate that folks are coming around to his point of view.

A bit of painful Korean humor.

All for this evening, folks. Gotta get my ugly sleep.

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