Sunday, November 28, 2004

Ave, Rory!

An Aussie dude named Rory* has been visiting my blog with some regularity of late, so I've been returning the favor and checking his blog out.

Conclusion: highly, highly recommended. Rory likes posting about his wasted mental state, and he's obviously an artist-- not just with music, but also with food. His recent posts on "fusion" cuisine, in which he (1) makes a nuclear sandwich with quasi-Korean ingredients and (2) stumbles upon a spicy chicken recipe that is eerily similar to a dish my brother Sean makes, will be remembered as blogospheric classics. His latest food-related post showcases some food villains. Be sure to check out Kimchi Garlic Sludge, a.k.a. "Kimchi the Kid." I was rolling.

These posts establish Rory as the anti-Fatman Seoul. Whereas the Fatman is all about blogging the cuisine he encounters but never makes, Rory is more like a pervert doing Naive Art, an incarceration-addled Martha Stewart making rat-and-roach stew in her prison cell. Rory's a creator, not an observer. In the Hindu pantheon, he'd be a very happy Brahman on crack, reaching into far-flung galaxies, extracting disparate life forms, and smooshing them together to make some fucked-up aliens.

Rory is one of the liveliest of the "new wave" of Koreabloggers. While some of us older assholes are losing steam (maybe not the Marmot, but even he seems to have fallen back on group blogging to keep up the pace), the Koreablogger v2.0 generation-- not all of whom are young'ns, of course!-- brings a lot of fresh material to the table.

So even though I'm usually hesitant to blogroll newbies these days (like Kant in Königsberg, my daily cyberspace wanderings are fairly restricted in scope), I'm blogrolling Rory. The only question is whether his drinking habits will leave him enough brain cells to be blogging like this in a year's time. But before Rory's brain finally sloughs out of his ears, I'll enjoy every "Fuck, I still feel wasted" post he writes.

Then again, the brain-sloughing might not happen. Aussies are tough bastards. It's been said that, when an Aussie drinks too much, the only change is that he starts using American spelling.

Welcome to the blogroll, dude.

*Or maybe it's just Rory's disciples who've been visiting.


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