Saturday, November 20, 2004

my still-misguided church

As I wrote a while back, the Presbyterian Church, USA-- my church-- has set itself against Israel by advocating divestment from it. In my previous post on the subject, I contended that this was a mistake. No change here: I still think it's a mistake.

My brother David just sent me a link to a Beliefnet article indicating that my church continues to be in error. Apparently, some church officials said the following: "...relations and conversations with Islamic leaders are a lot easier than dealings and dialogue with Jewish leaders." The Beliefnet article deals with the firing of two high-ranking members of the PCUSA who visited the Middle East to meet with-- get this-- Hezbollah officials.

I can think of some conservative members of my home congregation in northern Virginia who must be having a cow right now. I'm shitting hooves and horns myself.


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