Tuesday, November 16, 2004

postal scrotum: more on Bennett

Scott writes:

Hi Kevin,

Re: "in defense of Bill Bennett"

The relevant arugment isn't about 'casting stones', per se. It's about righteous indignation in the face of a hypocrite. Bennett is a hypocrite because he failed greatly, considerably and repeatedly - while railing against others who similarly possessed those 3 traits in the face of their own (repeated) sin.

As for Jesus' comment to the crowd trying to kill the adulteress, I think the translation lost something. I think he (quite likely) meant to say, "Whoever in this crowd hasn't tapped some sweet ass outside of marriage, may cast the first stone. You're all a bunch of hypocrites. You all are just glad the one who got called out wasn't you - because you're all adulterers. Go home. Losers."


Yeah; when you consider that Jesus' standard for adultery was strict-- it included the mere thought of committing the sin-- your second paragraph makes sense. Heh.


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