Tuesday, November 30, 2004

belched Thanksgiving wishes

[NB: Sorry, but this was too good to pass up.]

My brother David called me up this past weekend by cell phone-- he got a really cheap deal for international calls, so he decided to take advantage of it.

We talked for a bit, and then David said he could send an audio message to Mom and Dad from his phone by email. I've heard of this feature plenty of times; it's been a commonplace in Korea for a while. So I decided to send the parents my Turkey Day wishes. David set his phone up to record. What follows is a transcript of the audio. After the transcript is a link to the actual message I sent-- the Hairy Chasms's first-ever audioblog.


DAVID (my little brother): Go ahead, baby.

ME: Hi, guys, this is Kevin. Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and that I love you and miss you and hope you all are doing well. If you have a chance, send me an email! (pause)

DAVID: Eeeee? (This is a standard Davidism. I can have entire conversations with David in which not a single English word is uttered.)

ME: EEEEE. (My helium-voiced reply.)

DAVID: That it?

ME: Was that recorded, too? (The "EEEEE," I mean.)

DAVID: Yey-hey-hey. (A sort of tremolo version of "yeah.")

DAVID: Still recordin', baby.

ME: [belch #1] (I love the way my belch was distorted on the cell phone. I had no idea it sounded like that when I first made the recording. Sounds a bit like the last stages of a toilet flushing, doesn't it?)

ME: Did you get that?

DAVID: Yey-hey-hey-hey-hey.

ME: [belches #2-14*] (Intermittent chuckle from David during the belching. One of us starts laughing at the tail end.)

To hear the audio, click below and enjoy.


*Depending on how you count a particular pair of belches toward the end.


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