Saturday, November 20, 2004

was I full of shit?

Brian takes me to task for what I wrote in my post-election gloat. Read his post, and you'll find my reply in his comments thread.

What disturbs me about the left's overall reaction to Bush's reelection is the depth of the emotion, as well as the continued denial. Instead of lefties adopting the Republican attitude of "don't get mad, get even," we instead hear them threatening to leave the country for good. I'd have to agree that such people probably should leave, since that'd give some breathing space to the more cool-headed liberals, who are poorly represented by the likes of Michael Moore and his Hollywood ship of fools.

If these potential émigrés thought more about it, they'd realize that it's better to stay at home and hash the issues out in the name of spirited debate than to give up and flee the scene. Flight is cowardice. Brian himself vows to fight on; I respect that, and hope his lib/Dem fellows take heed.


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