Friday, November 12, 2004

talcum toes

My feet are large and they stink like hell. This is why I thoroughly bomb my shoes with baby powder twice a day (I'm on split shift, so I have the chance to come home in the early afternoon and re-talc the shoes). I might be laying it on a bit thick, though: for the first ten minutes after powdering the shoes, my feet emit little cocaine-puffs as the talc escapes through seams and around my ankles. Formerly black shoes end up looking almost gray by the time I reach the EC office. I have to grab a tissue and wipe my shoes down to get them back to a semblance of blackness. I've noticed, however, that this is becoming harder to do: the talc residue is beginning to build up on the outside of my shoes. I'll need to start using a brush or something.

But at least my feet aren't asphyxiating my students in class.


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