Saturday, November 06, 2004

how to motivate a Democrat

An interesting essay by überblogger Donald Sensing over at Winds of Change. A good read, even if I don't agree with all of it. But more interesting is a comment by a certain "Larry D" in the ensuing comments thread. Larry writes:

The Democratic party is going the way of the [Whigs]. It is over. Bush won one election on an electoral vote technicality and one by a 4 million vote margin.

But the real story is not Bush. The real story is the ROCK STARS that the GOP has waiting in the wings. John McCain, Colon Powel, Jeb Bush...versus Hil'ry or that newby Obama? Please! McCain would destroy either of them in a debate.

The Democrats will not have another President for two decades.

The other key issue is the cementing of control of the House, the Senate, the State Legislatures, and Governorships. These have all been trending our way for quite some time.

There has been a FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT in our culture. People want our culture shaped in the Evangelical vision.

Get used to it.

And a word of warning to the moderate republicans: we know what we want (Rove v Wade tossed, prayer in schools, etc.) and we intend to get it or we WILL sit out the midterm elections.

It's those last three paragraphs that are fuckin' scary. The "Evangelical vision"? "We know what we want and we intend to get it"? ("Colon Powell"?) Democrats aren't the only ones who practice ideological cannibalism. GOPers will turn against their own, too.

I hate politics.


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