Thursday, November 04, 2004

the GOP victory poem:
ode to (un?)fortunate changes

onward, men! we, through the storm
have sighted victory!
we stand against the foreign threat
and kill most capably!

this land is mine; this land is yours
but mark you now my words:
a penis shall not enter in
the tube containing turds!

what next? you ask, and rightly so!
I'll tell you what we'll do:
we'll practice virtue without sex--
control the flow of spoo!

and all across this sacred land
of nipples brown and pink
we'll ask the people to obey
and tell them not to think!

we'll plump the size of government
we'll spurn the diplomats
we'll toss your sheep off tall buildings
and chortle as they splat!

we'll spend and spend, then spend some more
and offer no excuse!
we'll cater to religious freaks
who'll heal us with abuse!

conservatives misuse no words
they treat them carefully
like "marriage," which can ne'er be changed
...unlike "the GOP"!


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