Sunday, November 28, 2004

housekeeping notes

If you scroll back down to the "Two Assholes" greeting card image (in this post), you'll notice a slight change in the text by the cartoon Kevin's head.

I should also note that the "ass lion" scenario isn't new: I originally drew this as a cartoon I sent to a friend of mine-- Carpemundi-- almost a year ago, I think. I didn't keep the cartoon, so I had to draw from memory.

Not long after my previous post this afternoon about Mac word processors, I received an email from The Lost Nomad referring me to a couple Mac-ready word processors that are simple but efficient at what they do. I also discovered, to my delight, that OSX 10.3 already has a built-in PDF conversion option: it popped up when I hit "print" in my newly-downloaded Mellel word processor. This will save me from having to shell out for the full Adobe Acrobat suite, which I don't need.

Mellel can be downloaded for free as a demo; to keep it, you have to pay $39 to get the registration code. Not a bad deal at all, given that MS Word for Mac costs a ridiculous $190 at, and AppleWorks 6.2.7 costs about $70.

Now that I've got Mellel, I can do my word processing without having to flip back to my old OS 8.6. Switching between OSes is a pain; the less I have to do it, the better.


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