Thursday, January 13, 2005


My former Korean partner, J, told me that, right after I'd handed in my resignation letter and had my little talk with Imelda, she (Imelda) asked J to persuade me to stay.

Heh. I think that gesture was calculated to reach my ears. I have no illusions about how replaceable I am.

On a personal note, "The Incredibles" kicked ass a second time around. The theater was nearly empty (today was the last day "The Incredibles" was showing at that particular theater), but I had a ball all the same. Fantastic animation, amazing CGI detail (even down to facial tics and random bodily quirks), snappy dialogue, a flowing plot, and great voice casting. The critics are right: Samuel L. Jackson was underused, but overall, that flaw was forgivable. If this movie doesn't win an Oscar, I'll be surprised.

I saw the online preview for "Cars," the newest Pixar effort. I think it's going to be their first flop. The preview was entirely unappealing to me. I suspect it'll be unappealing to a lot of people. Watch it here and judge for yourself.


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