Sunday, January 23, 2005

housekeeping notes

The observant will have noticed some changes to the sidebar. For the unobservant, then:

1. A slew of bloggers are now gone from the sidebar: Incestuous Amplification (dammit), Infidel/Duophony (dammit), Gweilo Diaries (what happened to Conrad?), Steven Den Beste (couldn't take his punctuation, anyway), and Allahpundit (whafuck?)-- gone.

2. Wooj's link has been updated to reflect his new address.

3. Dalma-daesa is finally making himself useful and pointing to what is currently the most worthwhile link.

4. And congratulations to Maven of Thought Nuggets: her hilarious ero-theo-scatological blog makes the blogroll. Image coming soon; am still brainstorming. At a guess, I'll have to combine sex, God, and shit. Right now, the only way I can cram those three themes into a tiny, 150x200 pixel image will be to depict God incarnated as a penis-shaped lump of crap, banging the hell out of some woman. That, or I'll craft an image based on Jack Black's line about "squeezing out a Cleveland Steamer on my chest." We'll see.


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