Tuesday, January 04, 2005

notes and shout-outs

Another successful evening of cooking Poor Man's Ddeok-mandu-guk. Photoblog of the event coming later this evening (i.e., later this afternoon for you folks on the east coast of the United States).

Front and center in the shout-outs this evening: Polymath, our Koraqiblogger, is in the blogging big leagues. His recent, late-December blog posts have generated comment threads that are dozens of comments long. Go over and see the action, and maybe think about jumping in. Except for a death threat I saw (par for the course, I suppose, when you're a fighting man in Iraq), discussion on Polymath's threads has been spirited but civil. Go add your voice!

My Maximum Leader (and yours) is back in action.

Budae Chigae blogs about North Korea selling arms to a Muslim group in the Philippines called MILF, which apparently doesn't stand for "Mom I'd Like to Fuck." Charlie also passes along Todd Thacker's warning about suspicious tsunami aid sites.

Speaking of tsunamiblogging, the Nomad's done a great roundup of links. The man's a real trouper. (And yes, it's "trouper," from troupe, and not "trooper" as in "stormtrooper"... though common [mis]usage is changing this rapidly.) He also blogs about a New Year's Day subway fire in Seoul, as well as about my favorite subject.

Heh. Wooj's got crabs.

The Party Pooper links to-- and takes apart-- a parody mail-order bride website called Big Bad Chinese Mama. (The "harem" is here.) The site was established by a UCLA undergrad and überfeminist who was pissed by what she perceived to be white male oppression and racism. Although I understand the Party Pooper's (and his commenters') objections to the site, I found BBCM hilarious. Just because Chinese Mama takes herself too seriously doesn't mean you have to take her seriously.

Do not, repeat, DO NOT let Daehee Park kick you.

The ultimate New Year's to-do list.

What cock rings dream of becoming one day.

Bravo Romeo Delta tackles the UN.

Cobb (happy Kwanzaa!) is foodbloggin', too. See here. He's also got some great insights about the whole man-woman thing here.

Glenn's blog is going through puberty or something. Its look keeps changing, but the material's still just as entertaining.

I have a nasty surprise in store for Dr. Vallicella. Ohhh, yes. Very nasty, indeed, and it's brought to you by the man I hate: Bernard Lonergan. More on this in a much-later post. I have to get the argument ready.

Lorianne's photos have always been gorgeous, but check out her latest stuff. Follow this link and just keep on scrolling and reading and marvelling.

Bill waxes biological about a substance very much like the Force: it surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together.


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