Wednesday, January 26, 2005

going fishing

I've got an interview tomorrow at 10AM. The place is well over an hour away by bus, so my ass is getting to bed early this evening. Expect little to no blogging over the next 24 hours.

Many thanks to Dr. Vallicella: I printed out his refutation* of Bhante Nagasena's chariot argument... the paper came in handy as I was taking notes on the phone with Crystal, who will be interviewing me tomorrow. Lucky things seem to happen when I'm carrying around academic writing.

This university is one of many places to which I've sent resumes over the past few weeks (and I'm still sending out more resumes), so I'm by no means committed to it. I hope to take a look at housing facilities, get contact info for the English teachers who already live on campus, and find out what life is really like for the teachers there. One is well-advised not to trust what the job ad says.

*I still don't agree with it, though I am fascinated by it. More on this later.


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