Saturday, January 15, 2005

postal scrotum: Jeff, enemas, and Judaism

Jeff of the fantastic blog Beautiful Atrocities writes:

Really, Kevin, publishing gushing fan letters. Are you Andrew Sullivan now??

And are you sure you're not Jewish? I was 20 before I even knew what an enema was. A Jewish friend was incredulous, telling me that bowels were a MAJOR topic of conversation in Jewish families...

Any of my Jewish readers care to weigh in?

I had no idea what an enema bulb even looked like until 1994, when I came to Korea for an extended stay. The Maximum Leader and my brother David had conspired to give me, as as a parting gift, an enema bulb. But they didn't give it to me directly: they hid it inside my carry-on.

I never used the bulb, but I had a ball reading the instructions. In 1995, almost a year after my arrival in Korea, I was fucked in the ass by my first hagwon. The gift was an omen.

As for my being Jewish... Jew, Korean, what's the difference? They both share an overachievement neurosis.

(For more on enemas, read this lovely story.)


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