Saturday, January 01, 2005

a new year dawns

...and as happens every year, hope sproooooiiiiiiings eternal as the northern hemisphere gets collective morning wood!

Aha! Vive Harvard!

infamous 2003 Harvard Dong-- erection lasted only 3 hrs before destruction by Amy Keel

Oho! Though battered in appearance, this schlong knows that women find scars and bruises sexy.

did you notice the scrotum has hair?  twigs!

Eehee! New York City shows Osama what's comin'!

New York City

Ooh-hoo! It takes balls to erect a snow dong next to your residence... unless, of course, this prized member was established on someone else's property.

friendly neighborhood dick

I tried to find a picture of some snow vaginas to give the snow dongs company, but all I found was this.


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