Friday, January 07, 2005

the coming storm

damn, that sucks

I've burbled a few times about the possibility of leaving my current job. As I've mentioned before, dissatisfaction has nothing to do with students or co-workers, and everything to do with management. I can't stand the way the system's been set up, and I don't like my current boss's management style.

But now there's a new wrinkle: management will be coming to us. In February.

K, the founder, intends to move the head office from its current location in Yeoksam to the Kangnam branch-- right over our heads, to the floor above us. He'll be bringing the entire Yeoksam admin staff with him, too, the fucker.

This probably means constant inspections, because this has been K's M.O. at Yeoksam. K is, quite literally, the Eye of Sauron, staring balefully at everything, using his spies to gather information about his own minions. The ambient tension here at Kangnam will be ratcheting up a few orders of magnitude, especially for Imelda (our boss), and for the Korean teachers, who are treated as even more expendable than the foreign teachers. We're all grist for the mill.

It also means I'll probably lose the lab coat battle, what with K breathing down my neck. I slapped the coat on for a few minutes the other evening because the staff was buzzing about a visit from K. I never saw him, and felt stupid for donning the coat. It came off after a half-hour.

So I'm once again on the prowl, sending out resumes to universities in the hopes that this time, my sweet, this time I'll hit a plum job paying 1.8 million won a month for me to teach 3-5 hours a day. If I should get such a job, I would hope to start work in March, the traditional beginning of the Korean academic year.

We'll see. More news on the horror as it happens.


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