Monday, October 31, 2005

100 Below: Volume 12 (Halloween edition)

The demon arrived in a puff of hell-smoke, opened its mouth to screech...

...and had all 666 of its razor-sharp teeth kicked into its throat by Esmerelda Firepower's exquisitely perfect leg. The demon tumbled backward, stunned.

Firepower struck a casual fighting stance, breasts levitating defiantly.

"I could split you in half with one squeeze of my pussy," she growled. The demon, still dazed, merely moaned.

Suddenly Satan himself appeared, an awesome, crimson mass of talons, tentacles, fangs, and crazed eyes-- a shapeless, infinitely deadly beast.

"FIREPOWER!" Satan’s mouths roared.

Esmerelda smirked.

At last, the main event.


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