Friday, October 14, 2005


How to get rid of a lot of food in a short time:

Give it away to your coworkers.

I made more than enough food for the two students who showed up for class on the last day of the fall term's il ch'a. Another teacher showed up and chowed down with us, and I had food enough left to give to two more teachers. I've still got leftovers, too.

I wussed out: I didn't make the pita appetizer, and didn't even make garlic bread. I brought bread and butter along, and simply served buttered baguette slices, though I also showed off the Italian-style plain-bread-dipped-in-olive-oil practice, which grossed my students out: olive oil has become hugely popular of late (probably a fad), but Koreans associate it fairly narrowly with cooking. Dessert was Belgian chocolates.

I'm busily grading papers and trying to get this term over with so I can spend some true quality time with the folks over the weekend... more news later as it happens.


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