Wednesday, October 05, 2005

here, but no luggage

I'm still at my Smoo office. The parents called a few minutes ago and recounted their ordeal: they're safely ensconced at the Yongsan base, but their luggage is still in Narita. It's supposed to be flown over and delivered to them tomorrow, but who knows how long they might really be luggage-less? Luckily, Dad's ex-military and he's on a military base, so he and Mom have access to shops where they can, if need be, buy some "cheap, ugly clothes," as Mom just phrased it. I don't think she was implying that Uncle Sam sells only the worst to his troops; I think she was considering her travel budget and visualizing the prospect of wearing a Gore-Tex jogging suit with heels while out and about in Seoul.

We're not meeting tonight for dinner; the 'rents sound too exhausted and stressed, so I'm letting them sleep in. We're meeting at Smoo tomorrow at four, though; that ought to be cool.

Welcome to Korea, guys.

Wow... Dad hasn't been back here since... what? 1989? This place has changed a lot since then. Not the mountains, maybe, but Seoul-- hell, yeah.


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Maven said...

Ahhh, military PXs!! Not a whole hell of a lot of style found there... some of that stuff is a half step up from wearing a burlap potato sack!