Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Justin posts some amazing pictures of the dancing martial art here. His brother Adam (no relation to the frothing conservative) is currently learning the art.



Anonymous said...

It's hilarious how you always put "no relation to the frothing conservative" next to my name as a disclaimer- thanks for spreading the word, heh.

Kevin Kim said...

Wouldn't want your good name sullied.

My best buddy in the States is a conservative. I have nothing against conservatives or conservatism, per se; to the contrary, I think it's a perspective that has a lot of merit.

I do, however, object to frothers of all stripes-- liberal, conservative, or whatever.

(I say this so my other readers are clear on what I mean when I separate you from the other Adam. I'm not anti-conservative. Or anti-liberal, for that matter.)