Sunday, October 23, 2005

at last-- revealed!

Ha ha, you thought Morris Day was singing about poontang, but NO! He was merely affirming the superiority of Korean food!


Someone in Seoul is gonna track me down and shoot me for that lame-ass pun. But that person will have to admit they listened to Morris Day back in the 80s (or at least admit that they watched "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back").



Anonymous said...

oooooooh... this blog has now officially reached an all time low. on the bright side of things, there is nowhere else to go but up... -hk

Kevin Kim said...


You're just having trouble admitting to yourself how much you LOVE my rapier wit. I read between the lines of your comment and sense the love pouring out, like diarrhea on a sunny fall day.


Kevin Kim said...

See? Love is selfless. There is no "i" in "Kevn." Heh.


Anonymous said...

doh... i just got the 52525, part. thats pretty funny. youre forgiven for your crimes. -hk

Kevin Kim said...

Next comes the golbaengi taunt:

Come on, baby, where's yer guts?
Do ya wanna eat slugs or what?