Friday, October 07, 2005

le bidon est plein

Stuffed to the freakin' gills on Mexican buffet and ass-widening desserts (not to mention a parade of Godiva chocolates-- thanks, Mom and Dad-- that filed lemming-like into my mouth over the course of this day). My butt, already groaning from a late lunch of Korean-style Chinese food, vomited twice this evening: once at the parents' hotel room in the Dragon Hill Lodge on base, and once just a few minutes ago back at my place.

Tired, but pleasantly so. The parents' luggage finally arrived; Dad had high praise for Korean Airlines' customer service. While at the hotel, my brother David took some compromising photos, a couple of which might end up on the blog, so stay tuned.


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Anonymous said...

Ah the Mexican buffet at the Dragon Hill - not the best food in the world, but for the price it's ok. We tried it once or twice while we were up there but neither my wife or I are big fans of Mexican...too heavy for both of us. Now the Mongolian BBQ at the Navy club, that's another story.