Thursday, October 20, 2005

Kyungju pics: 11-20 of 37

One reason why I'll never be a professional photographer is that I can take a beautiful locale like Anapji and turn it into something lifeless. Behold!

Dude chasing dogs (just off camera) out the front gate:

Mom expressing skepticism about dragons residing in the pond:

An almost comically dull shot of the pond, along with the near and far shores:

The building that houses the model of the old castle that used to stand in this region:

A shot of the carp that lectured us Americans about how we pollute the environment wherever we go:

When I saw this scene, I immediately knew I'd discovered the Pac Man breeding ground:

The first shot I took of Bulguk-sa was of the semi-secluded public restroom. Dad found a huge spider near the restroom and called me over, but by the time I got there, it had scurried off to do its spiderish deeds. Les chiottes in all their glory:

Two of the Four Heavenly Kings guarding the entrance of Bulguk-sa. They're the guardians of the four cardinal directions (see here for more info):

A fantastic view of the dust on my camera lens. Oh, and, uh, Mom in front of the wooden carp, a symbol of, among other things, monkish vigilance--

Dadso next to another Jenga set. Joking aside, he's standing in front of the famed T'abo-t'ap (more info here):

Another batch of photos is on the way.


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