Monday, October 17, 2005

the bright, starless night

Walking home from the office a bit before 11PM, I looked up at the sky and noticed how bright it was. Clouds have rolled in, so I assume the brightness is a function of light pollution plus diffusion. No stars in evidence.

I was at the office for several reasons. First, I needed to collect my backpack, which contained crucial documents for making account transfers. Second, I needed to check email and work on a bit of lesson planning. Third, I needed to draft a to-do list for the week. Fourth, I needed to turn in some leftover paperwork regarding the Freshman English class I'd taught. The fifth reason popped up while I was there: I found out that the edition of Aesop's Fables I planned to use for the second half of my Level 3 reading course isn't available for order. This sets me back a bit, as I now have to ask the office to make up handbooks for the students.

So I got a lot accomplished at Smoo, and now I'm going to do some uploading and scanning. Images are on the way. Kyungju already fades into the past. Thank goodness for memory chips, eh?

Dental appointment tomorrow: the followup. Maybe a Namsan hike as well.


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