Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Kyungju pics: 1-10 of 37

The weather over the weekend was unbelievable. We had a great time down south.

With this entry, I'm starting to put up my pictures from the Kyungju trip (37 in all, representing the camera's limited capacity). Mom and Dad, proud of their new Olympus 7-megapixel camera, were able to take much better pictures than I could. After they send me their pics, I'll be sure to slap a few select ones up on the blog as well.

Here we go with the first ten photos from my 1999-era 1.3 megapixel camera (the same one I've been using for foodblogging, etc.):

This past Sunday: the view from Room 308 of the Sam Kwang Grace Motel, looking toward the lake and Bomun Resort--

The view of where the parents slept (bed), and where yours truly slept (bundle of bedding at the foot of the bed & against the wall, which was nicely laid out on the floor at bedtime):

The blogger flaunts his stomach in a vaguely Lorianne-style double-reflection shot (did you find the second reflection?):

Mom relents to having a compromising pic taken. Notice how the shower seems to be growing out of her head:

Standing outside the W55,000/night "motel" whose lobby features a condom dispenser:

Mom and Dad go their separate ways-- Mom to photograph some hunk flexing his buttocks, and Dad to check a pile of bird droppings in the shape of the Virgin Mary:

Dad performs what I assume is some sort of Buddhist exorcism ritual, Tibetan by the looks of it:

At the Kyungju National Museum, standing by the Emille Bell:

Which inspires more devotion, a huge bell or a huge ass in purple pants? See for yourself:

Dad marvels at the shapes you can create using Jenga tiles:

More to come later. Stay tuned.


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