Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Smoo summer drama students

Another blast from the past, courtesy of my colleague A, who shot the pic:

I love how Jo-i, the girl in the left corner, is unknowingly offering the world a double helping of the British salute.



Anonymous said...

That was the first thing I thought of upon seeing the photo: "Man, someone has to tell Koreans not to turn their hands around when doing the V sign!"

...or better yet, to just stop doing the V sign altogether.

I'm also impressed at your ability to technically be frowning and still look like you're smiling. My expressions in photographs range from constipated to mildly shocked.

impletqueen said...

Can we get this in poster size? "The Ho and His Girls?"

Kevin Kim said...

Charles-- Good luck with NaNoWriMo (a cringe-inducingly bad moniker for an event).

Yes, I rarely show my teeth when smiling. I don't think they look very good. They're not hideous, but they're far from ideal.

Julie-- I could re-scan the photo at some disgustingly high dpi and send you a huge file if you like.


Anonymous said...

Who's the guy on the bottom right doing the Shrek impersonation:)


Kevin Kim said...

That's not an impersonation. Shrek leaped off the screen and... voilà.