Monday, October 31, 2005

personal notes

1. One of the most touching brotherly tributes I've seen can be found here.

2. Today, with my Level 4 (high-intermediate) conversation students, we talked about capital punishment. By the end of class, the students were wowed that we'd tackled such a deep topic and I asked them if they wanted to continue in that vein. "Go deeper!" they yelled lustily. (OK, they didn't yell, but they did in fact insist, "Deeper!") So I asked whether they'd like to take a crack at my field of study, interreligious dialogue. "Yes!" they said immediately. Looks like Wednesday's class is already planned, then: I can teach the basics of this subject in my sleep. The only trouble is figuring out how to condense the essentials into a single hour. I'll have that problem solved in me noggin by tomorrow afternoon.

3. Did you know that Al Pacino's "The Merchant of Venice" (in Korea, currently going by the title Bae-nis-ae Sang-in) was released in 2004? Both IMdB and list it as such. I saw the movie trailers for it only a couple months ago on the site, and now it's out in Korea. Western reviewers seem to have given it a general thumbs up; I hope to see it tomorrow.



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