Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Ave, Mr. Turdman and Charles!

Tom Turdman writes in to share his own (well, his son's) stab at transformation-- and to note the old pedigree of this game by citing correspondence by Lewis Carroll, who referred to the activity as "Doublets."

Well done, sir!

And may I take this opportunity to compliment you, if I haven't done so before, on your surname? I assume it comes from the South Dublin pronunciation of "third man" and has nothing whatsoever to do with la manière de chier. (In case anyone is wondering, I was given a copy of this 18th-century screed by a French-speaking coworker back in the late 1990s.)

Charles, meanwhile, solved one of the more difficult transformations: from GOOD to EVIL. See the comment thread of the relevant post. He did a fantastic job of it, too.


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