Sunday, June 26, 2011


As of tomorrow, I'll be saddled with my newest burden: a 2008 Honda Fit. My thanks to the Honda crew who saw me through the whole procedure. They're placing new tags on the car today, so that I'll be able to drive the little gnome-mobile back home tomorrow morning or afternoon. I was able to get pretty close to the price I wanted, but I had to bump up my insurance coverage to do so: a person who buys a used car with a loan can't have partial insurance coverage. Effectively, I'm still being screwed when it comes to monthly payments. So! Does anyone come out of a car-buying experience not feeling violated?

My thanks as well to friends who have pitched in. I owe you. No, really-- I literally owe some of you money. Not to mention a debt of gratitude. Shall I sever a toe or three in your honor? I'm not fond of some of those digits, so I won't miss the little bastards.

At least I'll be mobile. And this upcoming week, the hours at YB will be swinging into summer mode: 11AM to 7PM. Unfortunately, I'm hearing that I'm scheduled only for 11AM to 3PM-- four hours. This is little different from the reduced schedule I've been working, alas. All the more reason to get out of Dodge. That's unfortunate, really: as I may have mentioned before, I've come to like this job quite a bit, but I wish it paid about five times more. Damn... imagine earning $1200-$2400 per week like a real grownup!


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