Wednesday, June 08, 2011

up shit creek and paddle-free

So I took my car to the shop earlier this afternoon. The mechanics were kind enough to do a bit of poking around gratis, and they came back with the doleful news: while they're not 100% sure, it looks as though the problem with my car's engine is a bad VTEC solenoid (see here for VTEC; and here for why I'm screwed). The part alone costs $200, and I've currently got about $200 to spare. (Thanks to a kind reader whose recent contribution will be used, with her permission, to defray labor cost!)

The car goes back in-- officially, this time-- tomorrow morning at 8AM. I'm hoping they can be done with the car in time for me to get to work, but there's a good chance that YB Far won't be needing my services tomorrow, if the previous two Wednesdays are any indication.

Stay tuned.