Tuesday, June 07, 2011

spelling and pronunciation as relates
to phalluses in the recent news

Glenn Reynolds noted a while back, when the Anthony Weiner scandal first rose hairily into view, that people should be mindful of the spelling of the congressman's surname, which is Weiner, with an "EI." Reynolds noted that this was in contrast to Wiener, with an "IE"-- the German-language adjective for a citizen of Wien (Vienna, Austria).

What Reynolds failed to note is that the congressman pronounces his name "wee-ner," as if it were spelled "Wiener" (and if you'll allow me a moment of pedantry, I'll point out that a German would pronounce that as "vee-nuh," since the English rhotic "r" makes very few appearances in German, and the German "W" has an English "v" valence). So when people began writing about "Weinergate," they weren't wrong to pronounce this as "wee-ner-gate."

Robin Williams once joked that God created men to have two heads, with enough blood to run only one at a time. I get the impression that Congressman Weiner, whose ego remains sadly, stubbornly tumescent despite the press onslaught, hasn't gotten the message that this might be a good time for him to step down. At the very least, he needs to tend to the disaster in his own home. Weiner's refusal to fall on his sword (or should I avoid phallic imagery and say "bow out"?) doesn't bolster my estimation of his character. Chris Lee (R-NY) left his post after posing shirtless. Weiner should do the same. Leave his post, I mean-- not pose shirtless.*

I agree with Robert Koehler that the Democrat demand for an ethics investigation is over the top. At the same time, if there's a chance that Weiner's predations included a minor or two, then an investigation-- possibly a criminal one-- may be warranted.

In the meantime: his named is spelled "W-E-I-N-E-R," and it's pronounced "hot dog."

*Although it appears he's already done that. The man leaves nothing to the imagination.


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