Monday, June 27, 2011

my poor brother

My brother David was a huge help today. He's always ready and willing to help others; he's just that sort of guy. I had to take my buddy Mike's car back to Fredericksburg (thanks for the use of your car, Mike!), and also had to pick my new/used car up from the Honda dealership in a nearby town. David drove 90 minutes out to where I live; we then drove 90 minutes in separate cars to Fredericksburg. After I dropped Mike's car off at his house, we drove another 110 minutes to retrieve the Honda, and now David's driving 110 minutes back to Alexandria, whereas I've simply driven my Honda Fit barely 30 minutes back to my place. David was operating on less than four hours' sleep, but he was willing to help me juggle cars all the same. Would I show such character in his place? I often wonder.

David gave the Fit his blessing after looking it over and driving it. My own drive home just now was also without incident, so at least for the moment, it looks as if I haven't bought a lemon (if "bought" is the right word for this diabolical financial arrangement). I'm looking forward to trying the car out tomorrow: my first full commute in the Fit. I expect it to become as bug-splattered as Mike's car became during its week in my care.

David advised me to get the Fit's engine and cabin air filters changed, since the car is over the 30,000-mile mark; there's a website where you can order the requisite parts, and according to David they're very easy to install yourself, as opposed to being charged $120 to have someone do it for you. David even demonstrated how one of the filters (cabin air) could be changed.

So now David's on his way home. I fed him a late lunch. Didn't pay him a cent, even though he deserves a king's ransom for all the help he's provided. He'll go home, talk to his girlfriend, maybe have a late dinner, then get up tomorrow morning and start his two-job grind all over again. Sunday's his only free day, and he gave it all to me.



hahnak said...

i know youve counted your blessings but count em again. davids a mensch.

Elisson said...

I don't know much about the Fit, but here's something a tow truck driver shared with me as he was transporting me and my broken-down Chevy Impala to the dealer.

We passed another wrecker with a smashed-up Nissan on it. He said, "The only time you'll see a Nissan or a Honda on a wrecker is if it's been in a wreck."

Good luck with your new baby!

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks, both of you.

Bratfink said...

It's nice when your brother loves you.